Kitesurf 2

On the Kitesurf diploma 2, you achieve the most important safety skills needed for you to be able to kitesurf in various conditions, including deep water

Af: Henrik Tang Kristensen - senest ajourført d. 15. september 2021

When you receive the diploma, you can:

1. Rig in for space-limited places

2. Bodydrag upwind (superman)

3. Bodydrag with the board in both directions

4. Kitesurfing in both directions

5. Controlling your stops

6. Perform alternative relaunch methods

7. Perform a "safety pack down"

8. Perform a "self-rescue"

9. Stand in the water with a kite unhooked and control the power with one hand on the loop

When you get the diploma, you have tried and know how to:

10. To keep the height upwind.

11. To make a turn.

When you get the diploma, you know:

12. Which criteria a kitesurf spot must fulfill to be suitable for your own level

13. What are the risks and symptoms of hypothermia?

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