Kitesurf 3

At the Kitesurf diploma 3, you achieve skills so you are self-reliant, can kitesurf with profits and, help other kitesurfers in different situations

Af: Henrik Tang Kristensen - senest ajourført d. 15. september 2021

After the Kitesurf diploma 3, you gained a level so you can be trained as an instructor

When you receive the diploma, you can:

1. Perform self-launch

2. Perform self-landing

3. Surf with a board back to another kitesurfer

4. Handle a kite lying upside down (as on land)

5. Surf with the kite unhooked

6. Sail strapless (on twin-tip)

When you get the diploma, you have tried and know how to:

7. Make a jump

8. Loop the kite

When you get the diploma, you know:

9. How to handle an inverted kite

10. How to tow a kitesurfer who has lost his kite

11. How to stop more rare, unexpected incidents - also as a helper

12. How a kite works aerodynamically

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